Monday, May 5, 2008

Cameron Highland Pearl Corn

The best corn in the Malaysia !!! It is a local product from Cameron Highland, Malaysia. You can notice that the corn is mixing with yellow and white corn. The white corn just like a pearl, so it is called "Pearl Corn". A long the way to Cameron Highland, you will see a lot of people is selling this corn.

Pearl Corn

The selling price for one stick of the corn is around RM 3 to 4.50. Although it is more expensive than normal corn. But it is worth to buy.

Pearl Corn Price Tag

The simple way to cook the corn is steam it without adding any other things. A lot of people like to add some butter and salt on the corn. But I can tell you, this will spoilt the taste of the corn. You can get the ready streamed corn in Cameron.

Steamed Pearl Corn

Once you bite on the corn, you will feel the juice of the corn like blowing out from your mouth !!! I never taste any corn like this before.

Closed look of Steamed Pearl Corn

If you going to Cameron Highland, you must take a try of the "Pearl Corn". Unlucky said, if you going there without any production of Pearl Corn, you might need to go up again.


ttianseng said...

I do agree. My mum always buy corn when she visit cameroon. My family go there once a week.

chengyk said...

Wah !!! You visit there so often ah !!!

chuiping said...

yummy yummy... I like pearl corn too.. but nowadays can easily buy from my hometown market(jenjarom) d... dun need go up Cameron, somemore price bout 3 ringgit oso...

chengyk said...

Dear chuiping:

Jenjarom also got? It is plant in Jenjarom also??

chuiping said...

actually it is come from Cameron too.