Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maekong Thai, Bromsgrove (UK)

Today, i have a gathering with UK colleagues at Maekong Thai, Bromsgrove UK. The restaurant is located in a small town. When entering the restaurant, you can feel a well decorated thai style. After discuss with my colleauges, we decided to order a set meal for 2 person.

Thai hot and sour clear soup

What a nice name for this soup. It taste like tom yam soup with chili, onion, chicken, and mushroom. It is a bit spicy but is taste good.

Thai Starters


After finish the soup, our starters has come. Almost all is fried food. It is serving with 3 kind of different sources (Chili sauce, satay sauce, and sweet and sour sauce). It is quite matching with the starters.

Sweet and sour prawn

This is the best food among all the dishes. Well cook sweet and sour king prawn. But i am not sure it is thai food or not. As i know, sweet and sour would be chinese food. Anyway, it is taste good.

Pork with Garlic and Ground black pepper

Pork stir-fried with garlic and black pepper. No surprise for this !!!

Beef stir-fried with special sauce

Special sauce !!! I do not feel any special for this food. It is just normal.

Green curry chicken

I like thai green curry, but this curry is a bit disappointed. It is a bit salty and tasteless. Not strong enough for the curry taste.

Stir-fried seasonal mixed vegetables

Egg Fried rice

At the end, it comes with friend vegetables and fried rice. Ha ha, i feel that is too much for 2 person. Overall it is consider ok !!!

Set menu 21.95 per person (Sterling pound)


Address: 12 Worcester Road, Bromsgrove B61 7AE
Telephone: 01527 578888

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday
Lunch 12 pm to 2:30 pm
Dinner 6 pm to 11 pm


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