Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cafe Nero @ Bristol

Initially i plan to have breakfast at St. John Market , but the market is closed due to Bank holidays. So i am looking around in Bristol Old Town and finally decided to try this Cafe Nero. I can see a lot of Nero branches in UK.

As usual i order my favorite drink "Cafe Latte" and my wife order her favorite hot chocolate.

Cafe Latte

Hot Chocolate

For our breakfast, i order a Raspberry & White chocolate muffins and my wife order Panettone. Where Panettone is traditional italian cake with dry grape.


Raspberry & White chocolate muffins

The muffin is good, especially those baked sugar on top of the muffin. For the Panettone, it is just feel like bread with dry grape in Malaysia. Nothing special for this.....


Old City Town in Bristol


Masa Japanese Restaurant

After the english meal in Pump Room restaurant at Bath, so i decided to try others country food in Bristol. Finally i choose this Masa Japanese Restaurant.

From outlook, it seems like a very high class restaurant, but the food is totally disappointed me.

I order an Una Ju where it is grilled eel with sweet sauce soy. It is one of my favorite meal in Japanese cuisine. And my wife order a Nebayaki where it is noodle with chicken soup serve with king prawn tempura. We can choose from Soba, Udon, and Ramen for the noodle soup.

Una Ju


The Una Ju is quite nice but the noodle definitely is a failure.

Mixed Vegetable and Seafood Tempura

The tempura is too much of flour . This is another disappointment as well.


The worst is coming, this is Gyoza where it is fried pork dumpling with cabbage, Chinese leaf, Chinese chives and waterchesnut. I can feel the cabbage is very bitter and hard to swallow.

This is the first and worst Japanese restaurant i ever had in UK.

Una Ju GBP 8.50
Nebayaki GBP 8.50
Gyoza GBP 4.50
Yasai Tempura GBP 6.00


Address: 42-46, Baldwin Street, Bristol BS1 1PN
Telephone: +44 0117-9293888
Website: http://masajapaneserestaurant.com/


Cosmo Pan Asian Restaurant

Full of hunger after visiting Clifton Suspension Bridge. Initially i plan to go The Picture House for my lunch, but unfortunately the restaurant is closed for bank holiday. I keep looking around in the Clifton town, finally i found this restaurant Cosmo Pan Asian Restaurant. At first, I tought this is chinese restaurant, but have a close look at it, it is buffet style restaurant.

When i just get into the restaurant, i was surprised by the tepanyaki bar. A well trained chinese chef is performing japanese tepanyki in front of customers. I eagerly going to line up and get one of my starter.

Calamari and King prawn

Scallops and Salmon

It is really a nice starter for my buffet.

Main course

My main courses is combination of fried noodles, curry lamb, sweet and sour pork, vegetable and dim sum. Fair enough, no surprise for this kind of food.

At last is my dessert. Looking good cake and ice cream. It is wonderful.....

Adult GBP 12.99
Coke GBP 2.60

Total: GBP 28.58


Pavilion, Triangle West, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1ET


The Pump Room Restaurant @ Bath

There is a lot of Michelin Rates restaurant in Bath, but after consideration of convenient, i decided to try this Pump Room Restaurant. The restaurant is located at the city center of Bath,UK where it is just next to Roman Bath.


Inside Restaurant

The restaurant is well english decorated. I feel very comfortable when staying in this restaurant. At the end of the corner, there is a pianist playing classical music.

Coke with Lemon

Organic Apple and Carrot Juice

Bread with butter

We start our meal with some bread and drinks. The bread is feel like french style, the skin is hard and no taste. Personally, i do not like this kind of bread. (I do not know what is the name to call this bread :) ).

Grilled Carrot

Before the main courses start, the waiter serve us a plate of grilled carrot. The chef uses white and red carrot. Honestly, it is my first time to see white carrot in my life. Maybe this is the special vegetable from England? The taste for the white carrot is similar to red carrot, but it is sweeter. It is good match with all the grill food.

Roast Lamb Shoulder

Minted Pears

My main course is Roast Lamb shoulder with minted pears. Well match the grilled lamb with the minted pears.

My wife order Traditional Roast chicken with bread sauce and honey bath sausages. No surprise for this chicken. i can say there is nothing special with this meal.


Address: Abbey Churchyard Bath BA1 1LZ

Phone: +44 1225 44 4477
Website: http://www.romanbaths.co.uk/index.cfm?UUID=8AC46D2A-7E5B-45A9-8359609A424E2697

Hours: Open daily.
Morning coffee: 9:30-12
Lunch: 12-2:30pm
Afternoon tea: 2:30pm-close