Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cafe Nero @ Bristol

Initially i plan to have breakfast at St. John Market , but the market is closed due to Bank holidays. So i am looking around in Bristol Old Town and finally decided to try this Cafe Nero. I can see a lot of Nero branches in UK.

As usual i order my favorite drink "Cafe Latte" and my wife order her favorite hot chocolate.

Cafe Latte

Hot Chocolate

For our breakfast, i order a Raspberry & White chocolate muffins and my wife order Panettone. Where Panettone is traditional italian cake with dry grape.


Raspberry & White chocolate muffins

The muffin is good, especially those baked sugar on top of the muffin. For the Panettone, it is just feel like bread with dry grape in Malaysia. Nothing special for this.....


Old City Town in Bristol



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chengyk said...

哈哈哈,谢谢你的到来,这个 muffin 真的很好吃。