Saturday, May 31, 2008

Duck King @ Petaling Jaya

Duck King @ Petaling Jaya

After see some reviews of Restaurant Duck King at Cari Forum, i decided to have a try the food in this restaurant. As the name, Duck King is very famous with its duck. The most attractive food for me is the BeiJing Duck.

Restaurant Duck King

In china, BeiJing Duck can be separated to three dishes.

First is the Duck Skins will be wrapped with sweet sauce,spring onions, cucumber, and pancake .

Second, the duck meat will be stir fried with other ingredient to comes out a nice and tasty food.

Third, the bone of the duck will use to cook for a soup, and the soup will be used to cook with noodles. This is traditional BeiJing Duck.....

In Duck King, you can only find two type of the cooking. Which is the first and second one.

Roast Duck Skin


Cucumber and Onions

Sweet Sauce

Before Wrapped

My BeiJing Duck (RM 38.80)

My BeiJing Duck, it is crunchy and taste good.

Shredded Duck meat with lettuce

By fulfill our hunger, we order some dishes as well. The BeiJing duck just like appertizer for us.

Vegetables (RM 13.80)

Stir fried vegetables (lotus, asparagus, chili, and etc....).

TauFu (RM 16.80)

Homemade tau fu cook with mushroom sauce.

Fish (RM 18.80)

Deep fried Grouper with flour and cook with Citronella. The Citronella is too strong, totally covered the fish taste. This food is not good at all..... Not recommend to order it....

Clam (RM 14.80)

It is a normal clam cook with oilyster sauce and ginger. It is very small portion.

Duck Tongue (RM 16.80)

First times try of duck tongue, it is a cold dish and with Jelly Fish underneath. It is crunchy & well seasoned. What a good try with this Duck Tongue.....

Pork Oil Rice (RM 2)

Chinese Tea RM 10.00
Tibit RM 3.00
BeiJing Duck (Half) RM 38.80
Clam RM 14.80
Duck Tongue RM 16.80
Vegetables RM 13.80
Taufu RM 16.80
Rice with pork lard (3 bowls) RM 6.00
White Rice (2 bowls) RM 3.00

+ Service charge
+ Government Tax

Total price: RM 166.55

The meal is enough for 4 person to eat....... It is a bit expensive then other restaurant. The only food impressed me is the duck tongue. The rest of the food is normal and nothing special...... If you want to eat BeiJing Duck, Duck King might be a good choice for you. But you have to prepare to pay high bills.



Address: 8-G, Block M, Jaya One, No. 72-A, Jalan Univeristy, 46200 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 603-79579819

Business hour:

11 am to 11 pm

Public Holiday / Sundah
9 am to 11 pm




Original Kayu @ Kota Damansara

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar @ Kota Damansara, PJ

The most famous Nasi Kandar in Kuala Lumpur is "Original Kayu". Let's go to see some photo of this nice Nasi Kandar in Kayu.....

Main Entrance

Dry Chili

Fried Chicken (RM 12)

Curry Mutton (RM 15)

Marinated Vegetables (RM 5)

Fried Eggs (RM 9)

Curry Vegetables (Free)

Nasi Briyani (RM 16)

ABC (Ice Kacang)

I like the curry mutton, it is well cook and tasty... Hardly to find such a good curry mutton in other place. Marinated Vegetables is normal, if can mixed some lemon into the vegetables will be perfect... The most impress is the ABC (Ice Kacang), the outlook look so beautiful...

The food in Kayu is a bit spicy, if you do not like spicy food. This might not be your choice.


Nasi briyani RM 16
Fried Chicken RM 12
Curry Mutton RM 15
Fried Squid RM 22
Fried Eggs RM 9
Vegetables RM 5
Drinks RM 9.20

Total price: RM 88.20

The food is enough for 4 person to eat.....


Address:No. 1, Jalan PJU 5/12, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03-61418771


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Restaurant Tokyo @ Jerantut

Restaurant Tokyo is located in Jerantut, Pahang. As I mentioned before, if you go National Park (Taman Negara), Jerantut is a must passed by city. By having a big Pahang river, it is easily find some good freshwater fish in Pahang. Today, i will introduce one restaurant in Jerantut which i always go to eat freshwater fish (so called river fish as well) when the time i going back hometown.

Baung Fish (白须公)

Firstly, i order a Baung Fish (白须公). Bare in mind, this is wild freshwater fish. The taste is different from the feeded fish.

Sambal Petai

What a wonderful matching. Petai frying with Onion, Shrimp, and Sambal.

Bitter Melon Soup

My family favorite !!! Bitter Melon Soup.... Almost every time eating dinner also will have this soup....


This is very nice food and I totally enjoy with it. If you go Jerantut, you might consider to try it. But please ask the price first for the freshwater fish, some of the fish is very expensive like Jerawat Fish, Patin Muncung,...... Those are cost RM 320 per kg.

Baung Fish ( RM 60 per kg) RM 36.00
Sambal Petai RM
Pork + Bitter Melon Soup RM 28.00
Chinese Tea RM 3.00
Rice RM 5.00

Total Price: RM 92

I would say it is good price. The meal is enough for 5 person to eat.



Address: No. S1 & S2, Taman Intan Jerantut, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang
Tel: 609-2662307

Business Hours:
11am - 3 pm
6pm - 12 pm


chengyk rating:

Rating Description:
1. Vomit
2. Stomachache
3. Full
4. Enjoy
5. Paradise

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Restaurant Nasi Ayamui Chui @ Jerantut

Today i will introduce a Hainanese Chicken Rice in my hometown (Jerantut, Pahang). Jerantut is quite a new name for most of the people. If you want to go to National Park (Taman Negara), Jerantut is a must passed by town . Firstly, I should introduce this Chicken Rice shop. It is the best chicken rice in Town.......

Restaurant Nasi Ayamui Chui

There is two Restaurant Nasi Ayamui in Jerantut, i will use the names HQ and Branch for the indicator. Hainanese Chicken Rice, what a famous food in Malaysia. Chicken Rice in Ayamui is special, it is a bit different than the normal Hainanese Chicken Rice....... I like to eat the Deep Fried chicken rather than the steamed chicken. The skin is fully absorbed with the sauce and crispy. It is unique and only can get in Jerantut, Pahang.....

Hainanese Steamed Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken

Chili Sauce is the soul of chicken rice. By eating Ayamui Chicken Rice with this homemade Chili Sauce.... Wow !!! What a wonderfull matching... You cannot get same chili sauce in other place.

Homemade Chili Sauce

Ayamui Chicken Rice also having Chicken Kidney, it is one of my favorite as well. If you do not like the chicken organ as a food, you should not order this food.

Chicken Kidney

Besides, my father like to eat its Braised Chicken Feet with Peanut. So i just order one for my father.

Braised Chicken Feet with Peanut

Normal the rice for Hainanese Chicken Rice is cooked by using chicken oil, fried onion, butter, and ginger. The rice in Ayamui is different, i do not find any taste of ginger in it.... But it is good matching with chicken...


There is still a lot of other dishes you can order from Ayamui, like Archar, Vegetables, Soya sauce eggs, bean curd, Soya Sauce chicken, and others......

For additional informations, the branch is operated from 10 am till 11:30 pm. At the night time, it having a nice place for gathering with friends.... Besides, the branch also have WiFi facilities to enable most of the people surfing net.

It is good idea to visit Ayamui Chicken Rice when you are going to National Park. It is unique and taste nice. Strongly recommend to try it if you in Jerantut, Pahang.

Deep Fried Chicken
Steamed Chicken
Chicken Feet
Chicken Kidney

Total price: RM 26.30

It is enough for 4 person.




Address : No 1, Bangunan Pasdec, Jalan Betong, 27000 Jerantut
Office hour:10 am -- 4:30 pm


Address : Lot 37, Jalan Zapin Indah 2, Bandar Inderapura, 27000 Jerantut
Office hour:10 am -- 11:30 pm


Friday, May 23, 2008

Restaurant Foh San @ Ipoh

There is two famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh, Perak which is Ming Kok and Foh San. Today i would like to introduce Restaurant Foh San. What a surprise when i reach Foh San at 7:30 am, it is full of people and i couldn't find a seat to sit..... And bear in mind, it is just weekdays....... Finally i able to find a place to sit and enjoy my dim sum in Foh San.

Main Entrance

I order a lot of dim sum to eat..... Let's see the photo....

Prawn Dumpling

Yong Tau Fu

Chee Cheong Fun

Fish Ball

Special Chee Cheong Fun Mixed with Vegetables and Meats

Pork Dumpling

Steamed Pork

Personally, i like Foh San rather than Ming Kok... I feel the dim sum in Foh San is more fresh and taste nice. For the price wise, i would like to say sorry about that... I forgot to chop down the price... But it is not too expensive till golden price. It is good idea to stop by Ipoh to have a nice dim sum when you are going to Penang..... I did this most of the time...... Enjoy !!!!



Address: 2, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar, 30300, Ipoh Perak
Tel: 605-2540308

Business hour: Morning session (Please call to confirm)

Maps from: Restaurant Foh San

Restaurant website:


Monday, May 19, 2008

Restaurant Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu @ Kuchai Lama

Yong Tau Fu is one of the famous food from hakka. In Malaysia, we always eat Yong Tau Fu for our meal. Today, I introduce one very famous Yong Tau Fu in Kuala Lumpur called Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu. The restaurant i visit is No. 13 branch for Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu which located at Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Side View

The rest of the branch is:
1. Metro Prima Kepong
2. Rawang
3. Kota Damansara
4. Manjalara Kepong
5. Aman Puri Kepong
6. Jalan Tun H.S.Lee
7. Jalan Pahang
8. Jalan Ipoh
9. Kelana Jaya
10. Bukit Tinggi Klang
11. Selayang
12. Jinjang
13. Kuchai Lama

Yong Tau Fu has variety of choice, it has lady finger, chilli, bitter gourd, brinjal, tau fu, foo chok and dumpling. I have ordered lady finger, chilli, tau fu, brinjal, fried foo chok, and fried dumpling.

Yong Tau Fu

Fried Dumpling & Fried Foo Chok

Besides Yong Tau Fu, I also order a Thai Style Chicken Feet. It is very very spicy. The chef uses a lot of chilli to make the food. If you do not like spicy, please don't order this food.

Thai Style Chicken Feet

What a surprise !!! I saw they have Paper Wrapped Chicken. Hmm...... But i feel disappointed with their chicken. The chicken is not fully absorb the sauce, the meat is tasteless.

Paper Wrapped Chicken

I feel quite disappointed with this Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu. Besides Yong Tau Fu , the rest of the food is not taste good. For Yong Tau Fu, it is still acceptable, the fish paste is fresh and ok.

7pc Yong Tau Fu RM 6.30
2pc Rice RM 1.80
2pc Chinese Tea RM 0.80
1pc Chicken RM 3.80
1pc Chicken Feet RM 6.00

Total: RM 18.70



Address: No.8 & 10, Vista Magna, Jalan Prima 1, Metro Prima Kepong, 52100 KL
Tel: 03-62582995

Business hours:
Mon - Sat: 10 am to 10 pm
Sun - Public : 9 am to 10 pm

I noticed that the resit is printed with Kepong branch address, so i just put the Kepong address as reference. I think the food is almost the same.