Saturday, May 10, 2008

Apple Mango

Apple Mango also known as Sour Mango. What is the real name for this mango? Actually i dont know. Since i was kid, i just called it "Apple Mango" caused the shape is look like Apple. I think it is Malaysia's local fruits.

Apple Mango

Some people called this mango "Sour Mango". As the name , it is extremely sour. You cant eat without sauce.

Cut Apple Mango

You can make you own sauce easily. Just add some soya sauce and sugar, mixed it up. Then it will be a perfect sauce for Apple Mango. Besides, you can try to get the Fruits Rojak sauce as well.

Homemade Sauce

Apple Mango with Sauce

Apple Mango is selling RM 5.50 per kg.

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