Sunday, May 18, 2008

Restaurant Mushroom Farm @ Genting Highlands

During Wesak holiday, i decided to bring my daughter to Genting Highlands for one day trip. As a food hunter, sure i need to find something special in Genting. I do not want to eat those expensive and tasteless food in the indoor theme park. Hmm....... It might have some good food there as well. Since i visited Mushroom Farm (Taman Cendawan), i saw a two restaurant there.
I choose the Restaurant Mushroom Farm for my lunch.

Sign board

Vegetables (RM 8)

Ginger and Onions Wild boar (RM 12)

Three type of mushroom with prawn (RM 16)

Since it is mushroom farm, ordering mushroom is a must. The famous cooking style is using three type of mushroom stir fried with prawn or scallops. It is fresh and taste nice. The wild boar is good as well, but it is too salty. The chef might be put too much of salt. The vegetables is the young long bean cook with dry shrimp. I quite enjoy the lunch having in Mushroom Farm.

If you go to Genting Highlands, it is good experience for you to explore the planting of mushroom. Besides, you can have a fresh mushroom in the restaurant for your lunch as well.

1pc Vegetables
1pc Wild boar
1pc Mushrooms
1bot Chinese Tea
2pc White rice

Plus 5% Government tax
Plus 5% Services charge

Total: RM 43.05



Address: Go to Genting highlands, look for "Taman Cendawan" sign board.....

Tel: 03-61012864


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