Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pan Mee @ Jalan Kuchai Lama

Restaurant Tai Siew

Restaurant Tai Siew

Today, just feel want to try some good food which i never seen before. By looking around, I saw this Restaurant Tai Siew. What is so special in this restaurant? This is a so called Fusion concept Pan Mee shop. What is Fusion concept? As i heard from show, it is like invented a traditional food with some innovative idea by adding some special food in it.

You will surprise with this Pan Mee shop. It has total 17 type of pan mee:

1. Pan Mee
2. Loo Pan Mee
3. Tomyam Seafood Pan Mee
4. Taiwan STyle Dumpling Pan Mee
5. Black Pepper Seafood Fried Pan Mee
6. Hokkien Fried Pan Mee
7. Salted Wine Chicken Pan Mee
8. Lemon Chicken Pan Mee
9. Black Pepper Chicken Chop Fried Pan Mee
10. Cantonese Chicken Chop Pan Mee
11. Thai style chicken chop Pan Mee
12. Black Pepper Fish Chop Pan Mee
13. Cantonese Fish Chop Pan Mee
14. Thai style Fish Chop Pan Mee
15. SzeChuan Pork Lib Pan Mee
16. Fried Pork Lib Pan Mee
17. Kampong Fish Pan Mee

To try a Pan Mee shop, i sure will order a original type of pan mee. It is taste normal and acceptable. The soup is full of fish taste.

Original Pan Mee

Besides, my wife decided to order something special. Which is Dry Salted Wine Pan Mee. It is look very nice when it coming. After a bite, i feel a very strong alcohol and the alcohol is absorbed by the Pan Mee. It becomes a bit bitter. I am quite disappointed with this pan mee. The Pan Mee is come with soup.

Dry Salted Wine Pan Mee

Soup for Pan Mee

In Malaysia culture, eating Pan Mee must match together with homemade chili sauce. The chili sauce in this Pan Mee shop is too spicy and tasteless.

Chili Sauce

I order a Lime Juice for my meals. It is extremely sour until my eyes cannot open. It you are a sour lover, please try to order one.

Lime Juice

I feels quite disappointed with this shop. Luckily the original Pan Mee still acceptable. It still have a lot of variety of Pan Mee. I might need to try a fews times to figure out the rest of the taste.

1. Original Pan Mee = RM 4.50
2. Salted Wine Pan Mee = RM 6.80
3. Lime Juice = RM 3.00
4. Chinese tea = RM 0.60

My meals total is RM 14.90. The price is reasonable.



Address: No 32 (Ground Floor) , Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL
Business hour: Daily 9:30 am to 8 pm
( Will close on Monday twice a month)

I will attach the maps later


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