Monday, May 5, 2008

Old Town White Coffee @ Cheras

Old Town White Coffee

Ipoh is very famous with its White Coffee. "White Coffee" a very strange name in the world, but it is very well-known in Malaysia. Does this white coffee different than normal coffee? As I know, the coffee bean which is using is the same, just the roasting method is different. And the roasting method is originated from Old Town, Ipoh. That's why the mean called "Old Town White Coffee". Last time, if you want to taste a cup of white coffee, you need to go Ipoh. The famous shop is "Sin Yoon Loong", "Sun Yuan Foong" and "Nam Heong". All of them located at the same road, which is "Jalan Bandar Timah".

We are lucky, a smart guy has starting to opening Old Town White Coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur area. We can easily get a nice and smelly brewed white coffee in KL. Last week, I have visited the branch in Cheras. The first thing i ordered is the "Ice White Coffee".

Ice White Coffee

Besides, I have ordered a set of half boiled eggs for my daughter. It is nice looking and yummy. My daughter is very enjoy to have the eggs.

Half Boiled Eggs

Coffee, half boiled eggs..... What next? Definitely, we should order a baked bread (roti) which is baked bread with kaya and butter in it.

Baked Bread (Roti Bakar)

If you do not like coffee, honey lemon might be a good choice for you.

Hot Honey Lemon

This is usual food i will order when i go to Old Town White coffee. If you interests, you can have some Asam Laksa, Chicken Noddles, Instant noodles, and other food there. But the best choice still the one i order. The rest of the food is just so so .........

When i first having food in Old Town, it let me remember my childhood. Going out breakfast with my father, having a baked bread, half boiled eggs, and coffee. In fact, the new concept of Old Town, it has more comfortable and better environment. It has nice sofa, air-conditioned, and with a very nice service.

Let have a try in Old Town White Coffee and recall back your childhood memory.



You can visit this website for some informations:

Branch Locations:

Cheras (24 hrs)
Lot 4523 (D) Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur (Taman Midah)

p/s: Please visit for all the branch locations.


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