Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Restauran Tong Juan (Stuffed Crab) @ Kemanman

Restauran Tong Juan (东源) is located in Kemanman. Opps, where is Kemanman. I think most of you never heard before. You know cukai? Ha ha, cukai meaned tax in Malay language. But dont confuse, the town is not "Tax Town". Fews years back, Kemanman town changes the name from Kemanman to Cukai. But Now most of the people still calling there "Kemanman". When you drive along the road, look for Cukai sign board not Kemanman.

Main Entrance

What so special in this small town? This is the origin place for stuffed crab (壤螃蟹). By taking out crab meat, mix the meat with carrot and others vegetable, deep fried it. Then a smelly nice taste stuffed crab has done.

Outlook of Stuffed Crab

Inside look of Stuffed Crab

With stuffed crab, you must eat with chili sauce. A homemade chili sauce from Tong Juan is a nice matching. The sauce is a bit sour but not spicy.

Chili Sauce

Besides stuffed crab, you can order some steam fish. Kemanman is close to sea, it can easily can fresh sea fish. Any steam fish there is nice and fresh. But you might need to ask for price first before you order. Dont simply order an expensive fish and argue when paying the bills.

Steamed Fish

As my mother request, i order a fish ball soup. But as my opinion, it is just normal fish ball soup. Nothing special.

Fish Balls Soup

I also order a Sambal Sotong (Squid). It is a bit spicy, the taste is not so nice. I still prefer Sambal Sotong from Malay stall.

Sambal Sotong

Stuffed crab is very famous in Kemanman. There is around 4 restaurant is selling the same food in a same row. But the origin is from Tong Juan. It is worth to try if you having trips to Terrenganu and stop by Kemanman for stuffed crab.



Address: K-117, Jln Sulaimani, 24000 Cukai,Terengganu
Tel: 09-859 1346

Business hours:

SATURDAY - THURSDAY : 11.30 am - 3.30 pm
: 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm


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