Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Tampooi is local Malaysia fruits. Which the outlook is a bit look like potatoes, and inside a bit look like "Duku Langsat". But i can tell you, this is totally not potatoes or duku langsat. It is Tampooi, a local fruits. I found this fruits in one of the rest areas in "PLUS" (a highway in Malaysia) along the way to Penang.

Outlook of Tampooi

Inside look of Tampooi

Closed look of Tampooi

The taste is sweet, but not too sweet. And it is comes together with a good local fruits smell. It is nice to have this Tampooi in my life. If i not mistaken, it is selling RM 5 per kg. When you going to Penang, you can try to find this fruits in the rest areas besides PLUS. I do not remember which rest area already, something like rest area which is close to Penang. All the best !!!!


mimid3vils said...

really looks like duku langsat ler...

chengyk said...

Ha ha, ya lor... Anyways, thanks for coming !!!