Sunday, December 7, 2008

China Town Noodle Bar

It is located at the china town of birmingham, which closed to Bull Ring shopping center. Now UK is extremely cold, it is a good time to have a nice and hot porridge.

Lean Pork and Thousand Years Egg Porridge

Deep fried Plain Pasty

I have order a Lean Pork and Thousand Years Egg Porridge and Fried YouTiao. Maybe a lot of people dont know what is Thousand Years Egg (皮蛋) . It is just a marinated duck eggs, but this marinated method, the eggs with change the color from white to black. Besides making porridge, it is good to eat with marinated ginger.

Let's back to the porridge, at first try..... I feel a lot of minced and small slices meat in the porridge, at first thought, i think it is scallops. As chinese culture, we like to use scallops to cook with porridge, it will make the porridge taste better. While eating, i feel very strong Roast duck taste in the porridge, but i do not see any roast duck meat. Finally, i found out that the so called "scallops" in the porridge is "Roast Duck Meat"..... What a surprise !!! i never see people cooking porridge with roast duck.... But the taste is quite nice..... The restaurant is selling others roast product as well like roast chicken, roast pork, and roast duck. I guess they uses the left over roast duck to make the porridge.

Porridge £5
YouTiao £1.20


Address: Unit 2 Bath Passage, Ladywell Walk, Chinatown Building,
Chinese Quarter, Birmingham B5 4SZ
Opening Hours - 11 am to 11 pm (7 Days a week)


The Boot

The Boot Inn in located at Studley, UK. From outlook, It is look like a house, but inside like a english pub. I have lunch gathering with my UK colleagues in this special pub. By their recommendation, i order a burger.

What so special with this burger. This is not the normal fast food burger, it is homemade burger. Which meaned the bread, meat and tomato sauce is homemade. The bread is soft enough with a nice minced meat. The french fries is good enough to eat witht he homemade tomatoes sauce. What a nice matching !!!


Address: Birmingham Road, Mappleborough Green, Studley B80 7BJ
Telephone: 01527852192


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today i also found another surprise, it has a market close to Bull Ring. It sells a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. I just want to share some photos with all of you.

Nectarine -- 10 for £ 1.00

Plum Ripe -- 2 lbs for £ 0.50

A yellow color plum, it taste good and the plum skins is not sour at all.

Butter Nut

I just curious how the UK people going to cook this good looking butter nut.


Galia Melons


Cafe Soya

Today i go to Birmingham city with my friend, after comes out from parking. We are attracted by a restaurant called Cafe Soya, it seems like the restaurant is using soya as the attraction.
I order a meal set. I choose soya bean as my drink, Sze Chuan toufu as my main dishes, and toufu hua as dessert.

Soya Bean

Sze Chuan Toufu

Toufu Dessert

I really disappointed with this restaurant. The soya drink and dessert is acceptable. But the Sze Chuan toufu is no taste and salty. It is the worst Sze Chuan toufu i ever had in my life.

Meal set £ 6.95


Address: Unit 2 Upper Dean Street, Birmingham B5 4SL
Telephone: 0121-6223888


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maekong Thai, Bromsgrove (UK)

Today, i have a gathering with UK colleagues at Maekong Thai, Bromsgrove UK. The restaurant is located in a small town. When entering the restaurant, you can feel a well decorated thai style. After discuss with my colleauges, we decided to order a set meal for 2 person.

Thai hot and sour clear soup

What a nice name for this soup. It taste like tom yam soup with chili, onion, chicken, and mushroom. It is a bit spicy but is taste good.

Thai Starters


After finish the soup, our starters has come. Almost all is fried food. It is serving with 3 kind of different sources (Chili sauce, satay sauce, and sweet and sour sauce). It is quite matching with the starters.

Sweet and sour prawn

This is the best food among all the dishes. Well cook sweet and sour king prawn. But i am not sure it is thai food or not. As i know, sweet and sour would be chinese food. Anyway, it is taste good.

Pork with Garlic and Ground black pepper

Pork stir-fried with garlic and black pepper. No surprise for this !!!

Beef stir-fried with special sauce

Special sauce !!! I do not feel any special for this food. It is just normal.

Green curry chicken

I like thai green curry, but this curry is a bit disappointed. It is a bit salty and tasteless. Not strong enough for the curry taste.

Stir-fried seasonal mixed vegetables

Egg Fried rice

At the end, it comes with friend vegetables and fried rice. Ha ha, i feel that is too much for 2 person. Overall it is consider ok !!!

Set menu 21.95 per person (Sterling pound)


Address: 12 Worcester Road, Bromsgrove B61 7AE
Telephone: 01527 578888

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday
Lunch 12 pm to 2:30 pm
Dinner 6 pm to 11 pm


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Restaurant Fong Lye @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Today i would like to introduce a Taiwanese Cuisine to you. A Taiwanese restaurant in KL area called "Fong Lye". It is located at 3rd Floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley. Very easy to find it. But if you plan to go there on weekend, please prepare there will be a long long queue.

I started with a nice Wu Loong Tea (乌龙茶). Nice tea with a nice tea pot as below.

Wu Loong Tea

My appertizer is started with a Taiwan Sausage. A tasty sausage might be a good start for my dinner. But it is a bit salty.

Taiwan Sausage

My main dishes is a Taiwan famous chicken called 3 Cups chicken (三杯鸡). The chicken is well absorb the sticky sauce which make from chinese wine, ginger and basil leaves. But personally, i do not the smell of the basil leaves. Overall, it is still worth to try !!!!

(3 cups chicken) 三杯鸡

Close look for (3 cups chicken) 三杯鸡

Rice for 3 Cups Chicken

The chicken is coming with 3 others small dishes and soup.

Small dishes

My wife decided to try a noodle. She order another Taiwan famous noodle called Zha Jiang Noodle. It is look like a mince meat which make with special sauce and mixed with onions and cucumber. It tasted quite ok.

Zha Jiang Noodle

The noodle also serve with 3 small dishes and soup.

I do not remember the price already. If i found the resit, i will post it here. Just remember it is less than RM 100.


Address: Lot T208, 3rd Floor The Gardens, Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL

Tel: 03-22828699


Monday, July 7, 2008

Thai Village @ Solihull, UK

Thai Village @ Solihull, UK

Let try some Thai food in UK, one of my UK colleagues recommended this restaurant to me "Thai Village". It is awarded for best Thai Food by Thai Goverment in Year 2006.

Thai Beer

Let's Start with some drink "Thai Beer"...

Deep Fried Bread with pork

Spring roll

Our appertizer is strating with vegetable spring roll. Besides, we order a fried bread as well, it is deep fried bread with pork on top of it and with some sesame. It is taste good...

Tom Yam Gong

Tom Yam Gong, a must order food for Thai food. This Tom Yam Gong is really spicy and tasty... The prawn is very fresh. If you do not like spicy, please request to be less spicy.....

Garlic and Chili Chicken

Another spicy food, Garlic and Chicken.....

Brocoilli with Mushroom

Stir Fried Brocoilli with Mushroom... Nothing special with this dishes....

Steamed Sea Bass

Steamed Fish !!! Taste not so good for this one ...

Green Curry Chicken

Green Curry Chicken, another good food in this restaurant... It is not too spicy and taste good....

Red Curry Squid

If you do not like spicy, this might be good choice. It is a bit sweet and spicy... But not too hot...

Total cost us around 100 Sterling pound... Enough for 5 person to eat....


Address: 1594-1596 High Street, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands B93 0LF
Tel: 01564 771595


Pork Sausage at Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

Wow !!! While walking at the Stratford-Upon-Avon (Birth place of Shakespeare), i attracted by a smell, a Sausage smell..... So i try to found out where is the smell comes from, finally i saw this Sausage stall.

Nice Sausage with onion and bread. Taste good....

Pork Sausage burger 3.00 Sterling Pound


Monday, June 30, 2008

Parks Take Away @ Redditch, UK

Surprise, I found out a Chinese Take Away shop which is opened by Malaysian. She is iporian from Malaysia. By her recommendation, I order this House Special Fried Rice (招牌炒饭)...

Eventhough the outlook is not beautiful, but the taste is quite nice. The fried rice is with big prawn, BBQ pork, chicken, duck and egg... And the price is not too expensive also, it cost me 5 sterling pound.


Address: 62 Unicorn Hill, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 4RA
Tel: (01527) 68882 / 61291


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Restaurant Jade Garden @ UK

After eat a lot of bread in UK, i go for a chinese restaurant to order some take away food. This restaurant is served with buffet style, but you can order take away food as well...

Main Entrance

After seeing the menu, i decided to order a Sichuan Chicken Rice...

Sichuan Chicken

I feel quite disappointed with the food. By matching the European people, this Sichuan chicken is invented to European style.... It is not spicy at all...

At last, i taste some chinese food in UK....

Price (In Stering Pound):
Rice 1.50
Sichuan Chicken 4.20

Total price: 5.70

The price is consider reasonable......

Address: 4 Church Green West, Redditch, Worcestershire B97 4DY
Tel: 01527 62288


Mc Donald's Burger

First Mc Donald burger in UK.... I found something different from Malaysia Mc D... They serve burger with bacon as well. I order a burger called "Arizona Grande", it cost me 3.49 Sterling Pound. It is reasonable price...

How is the taste? Nothing much different from Malaysia's Mc D... This Arizona Grande is server with beef, onion, vegetables, bacon, and some pepper... A little bit spicy but i still can bare with it....