Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cafe Soya

Today i go to Birmingham city with my friend, after comes out from parking. We are attracted by a restaurant called Cafe Soya, it seems like the restaurant is using soya as the attraction.
I order a meal set. I choose soya bean as my drink, Sze Chuan toufu as my main dishes, and toufu hua as dessert.

Soya Bean

Sze Chuan Toufu

Toufu Dessert

I really disappointed with this restaurant. The soya drink and dessert is acceptable. But the Sze Chuan toufu is no taste and salty. It is the worst Sze Chuan toufu i ever had in my life.

Meal set £ 6.95


Address: Unit 2 Upper Dean Street, Birmingham B5 4SL
Telephone: 0121-6223888


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