Sunday, December 7, 2008

China Town Noodle Bar

It is located at the china town of birmingham, which closed to Bull Ring shopping center. Now UK is extremely cold, it is a good time to have a nice and hot porridge.

Lean Pork and Thousand Years Egg Porridge

Deep fried Plain Pasty

I have order a Lean Pork and Thousand Years Egg Porridge and Fried YouTiao. Maybe a lot of people dont know what is Thousand Years Egg (皮蛋) . It is just a marinated duck eggs, but this marinated method, the eggs with change the color from white to black. Besides making porridge, it is good to eat with marinated ginger.

Let's back to the porridge, at first try..... I feel a lot of minced and small slices meat in the porridge, at first thought, i think it is scallops. As chinese culture, we like to use scallops to cook with porridge, it will make the porridge taste better. While eating, i feel very strong Roast duck taste in the porridge, but i do not see any roast duck meat. Finally, i found out that the so called "scallops" in the porridge is "Roast Duck Meat"..... What a surprise !!! i never see people cooking porridge with roast duck.... But the taste is quite nice..... The restaurant is selling others roast product as well like roast chicken, roast pork, and roast duck. I guess they uses the left over roast duck to make the porridge.

Porridge £5
YouTiao £1.20


Address: Unit 2 Bath Passage, Ladywell Walk, Chinatown Building,
Chinese Quarter, Birmingham B5 4SZ
Opening Hours - 11 am to 11 pm (7 Days a week)


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