Sunday, January 11, 2009

Restaurant Malaysian Delight

Surpirsingly, I found a good Malaysian restaurant in Birmingham China Town. There is three main races in Malaysia, Chinese,Malay and Indian. This restaurant mainly present Malaysian's Chinese food.

I started with a Malaysian style White Coffee. In UK, a coffee with milk will call "White Coffee", but in Malaysia it is different. White coffee represent a coffee which using different method of roasting. It is taste a bit different than the normal Arabica black coffee.

You can refer to my earlier post for more info:
Old Town White Coffee

White Coffee

One of my habit, if i want to try the quality of the chinese restaurant, i will order a Sweet and Sour pork. As my observe, for chinese food in Malaysia, there is only a good chef can cook a good Sweet and Sour pork. You must try this !!!

Sweet and Sour Pork

I am really enjoy to having Malaysian Chinese food in this restaurant. Cheers!!!!

Sweet and Sour pork: £ 6.80
White coffee: £ 1.80


Address: Unit 2, Kotwall House 8 Ladywell Walk Birmingham B5 4ST


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