Sunday, May 11, 2008

Restaurant C-Jade Express @ Mid Valley

Shopping in Mid Valley is a normal activities for KL people. Mid Valley is one of the biggest shopping complex in KL. Do there have good food? Definitely yes !!! There is one of the restaurant which i often visit. Which is Restaurant C-Jade Express. A Hong Kong style chinese restaurant which selling most of the roasted meat, like roasted duck, roasted pork, BBQ Pork and others.

Main Door

A sweet potato soup in C-Jade might be a nice dessert for our meals.

Sweet Potato Soup

Roasted pork in C-Jade is a bit different from others shops. The skin is thinner than the normal roasted pork i have. But it is taste good. Normally i will eat this food with homemade chili sauce. But in C-Jade, it do not serve with chili sauce. So i have to try with other sauce. Surprisely, I found out that roasted pork is good matching with ginger sauce as well. What a wonderful matching.

Roasted Pork

Besides, i order a mixed roasted duck and soya soy chicken. I like the soya sauce chicken. But the roasted duck is a bit normal.

Roasted Duck & Soya Sauce Chicken

How can having dinner without vegetables. So i also order stir fried Kai Lan as well.

Stir Fried Kai Lan

There is three type of sauce in C-Jade. I think it is special make from the restaurant.

1. Ginger sauce
Mixed with Ginger, onions, salt and oil. It is quite a perfect matching with soya sauce chicken
and roasted pork.

2. Plum sauce
Mixed with plum and honey.

3. Belacan

C-Jade Sauce

It is nice having such a good meals in Mid Valley but the price is a bit expensive. To add on a bonus points, the services is extremely good.

Roasted Pork ( 1 person size) = RM 13.80
Roasted Duck & Soya sauce chicken = RM 19.50
Steamed Rice = RM 2.00
Vegetable = RM 10.00
Sweet Potato Soup = RM 3.80
Chinese Tea = RM 1.00

Total plus service charge and government tax = RM 57.60



Address: Unit LG-048, Lower Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall KL
Tel: 03-22848113
Fax: 03-22846113

Business office: 10 am to 10 pm


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