Monday, May 5, 2008

Pulasam (Wild Rambutan)

Pulasam is also called Wild rambutan. It is a local fruits which can find in Malaysia. The outlooks is a bit like rambutan. But the skin is harder than rambutan. I do not know how is the tree look like, but i guess is similiar with Rambutan Trees.

Outlook of Pulasam

When you open it, it looks totally like rambutan. The taste is almost same like rambutan, but it is sweeter.
Inside look of Pulasam

Measurement of Pulasam

Pulasam is a seasoning fruits. You can get it once a year in Malaysia. Due to the climate change in the world, you might able to get it twice a year. During the season period, you can get 3 kg for RM 10. It is really a good price. Sometimes, it is selling 1kg for RM 5. It is still worth to buy. As a local Malaysian, you should try this Pulasam.

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