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Duck King @ Petaling Jaya

Duck King @ Petaling Jaya

After see some reviews of Restaurant Duck King at Cari Forum, i decided to have a try the food in this restaurant. As the name, Duck King is very famous with its duck. The most attractive food for me is the BeiJing Duck.

Restaurant Duck King

In china, BeiJing Duck can be separated to three dishes.

First is the Duck Skins will be wrapped with sweet sauce,spring onions, cucumber, and pancake .

Second, the duck meat will be stir fried with other ingredient to comes out a nice and tasty food.

Third, the bone of the duck will use to cook for a soup, and the soup will be used to cook with noodles. This is traditional BeiJing Duck.....

In Duck King, you can only find two type of the cooking. Which is the first and second one.

Roast Duck Skin


Cucumber and Onions

Sweet Sauce

Before Wrapped

My BeiJing Duck (RM 38.80)

My BeiJing Duck, it is crunchy and taste good.

Shredded Duck meat with lettuce

By fulfill our hunger, we order some dishes as well. The BeiJing duck just like appertizer for us.

Vegetables (RM 13.80)

Stir fried vegetables (lotus, asparagus, chili, and etc....).

TauFu (RM 16.80)

Homemade tau fu cook with mushroom sauce.

Fish (RM 18.80)

Deep fried Grouper with flour and cook with Citronella. The Citronella is too strong, totally covered the fish taste. This food is not good at all..... Not recommend to order it....

Clam (RM 14.80)

It is a normal clam cook with oilyster sauce and ginger. It is very small portion.

Duck Tongue (RM 16.80)

First times try of duck tongue, it is a cold dish and with Jelly Fish underneath. It is crunchy & well seasoned. What a good try with this Duck Tongue.....

Pork Oil Rice (RM 2)

Chinese Tea RM 10.00
Tibit RM 3.00
BeiJing Duck (Half) RM 38.80
Clam RM 14.80
Duck Tongue RM 16.80
Vegetables RM 13.80
Taufu RM 16.80
Rice with pork lard (3 bowls) RM 6.00
White Rice (2 bowls) RM 3.00

+ Service charge
+ Government Tax

Total price: RM 166.55

The meal is enough for 4 person to eat....... It is a bit expensive then other restaurant. The only food impressed me is the duck tongue. The rest of the food is normal and nothing special...... If you want to eat BeiJing Duck, Duck King might be a good choice for you. But you have to prepare to pay high bills.



Address: 8-G, Block M, Jaya One, No. 72-A, Jalan Univeristy, 46200 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 603-79579819

Business hour:

11 am to 11 pm

Public Holiday / Sundah
9 am to 11 pm




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