Sunday, May 25, 2008

Restaurant Nasi Ayamui Chui @ Jerantut

Today i will introduce a Hainanese Chicken Rice in my hometown (Jerantut, Pahang). Jerantut is quite a new name for most of the people. If you want to go to National Park (Taman Negara), Jerantut is a must passed by town . Firstly, I should introduce this Chicken Rice shop. It is the best chicken rice in Town.......

Restaurant Nasi Ayamui Chui

There is two Restaurant Nasi Ayamui in Jerantut, i will use the names HQ and Branch for the indicator. Hainanese Chicken Rice, what a famous food in Malaysia. Chicken Rice in Ayamui is special, it is a bit different than the normal Hainanese Chicken Rice....... I like to eat the Deep Fried chicken rather than the steamed chicken. The skin is fully absorbed with the sauce and crispy. It is unique and only can get in Jerantut, Pahang.....

Hainanese Steamed Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken

Chili Sauce is the soul of chicken rice. By eating Ayamui Chicken Rice with this homemade Chili Sauce.... Wow !!! What a wonderfull matching... You cannot get same chili sauce in other place.

Homemade Chili Sauce

Ayamui Chicken Rice also having Chicken Kidney, it is one of my favorite as well. If you do not like the chicken organ as a food, you should not order this food.

Chicken Kidney

Besides, my father like to eat its Braised Chicken Feet with Peanut. So i just order one for my father.

Braised Chicken Feet with Peanut

Normal the rice for Hainanese Chicken Rice is cooked by using chicken oil, fried onion, butter, and ginger. The rice in Ayamui is different, i do not find any taste of ginger in it.... But it is good matching with chicken...


There is still a lot of other dishes you can order from Ayamui, like Archar, Vegetables, Soya sauce eggs, bean curd, Soya Sauce chicken, and others......

For additional informations, the branch is operated from 10 am till 11:30 pm. At the night time, it having a nice place for gathering with friends.... Besides, the branch also have WiFi facilities to enable most of the people surfing net.

It is good idea to visit Ayamui Chicken Rice when you are going to National Park. It is unique and taste nice. Strongly recommend to try it if you in Jerantut, Pahang.

Deep Fried Chicken
Steamed Chicken
Chicken Feet
Chicken Kidney

Total price: RM 26.30

It is enough for 4 person.




Address : No 1, Bangunan Pasdec, Jalan Betong, 27000 Jerantut
Office hour:10 am -- 4:30 pm


Address : Lot 37, Jalan Zapin Indah 2, Bandar Inderapura, 27000 Jerantut
Office hour:10 am -- 11:30 pm


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Teófilo de Flamboyant said...

It's not "chiken kidney". It's chiken gizzard. The kidney has absolutely nothing to do with the organ of the image.