Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Anglesey

It has been long time not updated my blog. Since i have assigned to UK for 2 years, i found there is no special food in UK. My mood of hunting food is getting down by last few months. But now i have different experience. After the trip from Snowdonia (Wales) and Manchester, i found out that UK has a lot of European country food like Spanish food,Turkish food, Italian Food, and others. Now i feel alive and will keep hunting food in UK. Now i will present the food i hunt in my Snowdonia and Manchester Trip.

The restaurant name is "The Anglesey". The building of this restaurant looks like old fashion english house, the best part is the restaurant is facing sea. Nice feeling with good food. This is what my feeling at this restaurant.

AFter going in, there is 3 special menus today, "Mussels cooks with white wine", "Lamb Chop", and "Sirloin Steak". Sure i need to order seafood since i am at the sea side.

Nice well cook mussels with a little bit white wine, serve with some creamy soup. The soup is definitely good match with the fench bread.

My wife order an salmon. It is quite good as well but the mussel still the best. Salmon is fresh enough with some rice inside (i do not know what is that call, it is one kind of rice in India). Serve with some fresh vegetable, cook mushroom, and grill small potatoes. Personally feeling, the mushroom sauce is too strong, not suitable for the salmon.

1 Salmon
1 Mussel
1 pepsi
1/2 pint of beer

Total cost of meal = GBP 18.95 (not bad)


Address: Close to Caernarfon Castle in Wales.


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~Rachel Hei~ said...

This restaurant located jz right next to the sea, having dinner by viewing the sunset is really cool.. :D